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Safety and reliability in focus when Merivaara helped furnish The Royal Hospital

The Royal Hospital in Sharjah, UAE is a multi-specialty, state-of-the-art healthcare facility and the region’s largest private referral hospital. Leading specialists and consultants from all over the world have been recruited to provide top-class treatment utilizing the most modern technology available.

The Royal Hospital was opened in September 2006 under the patronage of Dr.Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah. The hospital comprises 160 rooms, 32 of which are VIP suites and 7-star wings. The Royal Hospital has a number of cooperation agreements with regional and local health insurance companies.

Built for top-notch health care services

The completely new hospital wanted to be equipped with the latest medical and surgical equipment available on the market. "In order to provide outstanding healthcare services and facilities for both patients and medical staff, careful consideration and planning went into the acquisition of products which would meet our hospital’s stringent standards and specifications,” Dr. Robinder Singh says. All the hospital equipment was sourced from top-class quality manufacturers, who would also be able to provide after-sales service and support during the entire lifetime of the equipment. The Royal Hospital chose Finnish Merivaara Corp. to supply patient beds, stretchers, lights and ancillary equipment. Together with its local partner, Merivaara worked closely with the hospital to ensure that the equipment was delivered and installed on schedule and exactly to specifications. Later on, the hospital also ordered high-class operating tables from Merivaara.

Safety and reliability in focus

Being a top-class healthcare facility, the hospital pays special attention to safety and reliability in its operations. “It is very important for our Hospital to have equipment which is safe, reliable and durable. In addition, a facility such as ours needs to have the long-term support and commitment of our suppliers and in all these respects Merivaara has proven itself to be a first-class partner for us. Their quality products, support and commitment to us was crucial. We are extremely pleased with the effectiveness and performance of Merivaara during the project, as well as the equipment delivered,” Dr. Singh continues.


Completely new facility, an exclusive hospital in the UAE. The clinic wanted the latest medical and surgical equipment on the market to support their mission to provide modern, safe and reliable healthcare services.


Stretchers, patient beds, medical lights and Practico operating tables, designed and manufactured by Merivaara.

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