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How an unexpected request led to new innovation


End of the year 2021, Merivaara Oy received an unusual inquiry from Okmetic Oy, the world's seventh largest manufacturer of silicon wafers and the world's market leader in demanding silicon wafers. Mr. Frans Laivonen from Okmetic was looking for a solution to improve the ergonomics of the users of the silicon wafer production machine control panel at the production site.

Before contacting Merivaara, Okmetic had a solution where the control panel was bolted to the floor, which made it difficult to manage the silicon wafer production machine.


“I was very excited about this challenge because I soon realized that the monitor arm solution we offer for the healthcare applications can also be used to improve working conditions in other clean room environment,” Jyrki explains.

Our project team was excited to think outside the box. In cooperation with Okmetic's team and structural designer, the specifications were defined based on common 3D models before ordering the required components for the final system.

Before the new system was built, a common 3D model was created to verify dimensions and moveability or the system around the machine.


The actual installation of the system was carried out by Merivaara during spring 2022

Due to suspension arms, the control panel can now be easily moved around the silicon wafer production machine. The system is mounted firmly on the ceiling, so that moveability of the control panel feels solid to the users

The users have now an ergonomic system that improves the whole team’s working environment.


Mr. Frans Laivonen from Okmetic: “We are very pleased with the outcome of this development project with Merivaara's team. We now have a system that improves our working conditions at several levels. The system has height adjustment, which improves ergonomics, there are no more obstacles on the production floor, which improves occupational safety, and the movability of the system around the machine improves the overall working comfort of the working team.”

Jyrki Nieminen concludes: "It was exciting to use our team's extensive experience to help Okmetic find a suitable solution for its production site. According to Okmetic, the materials and design we use are also well suited for the installation of cleanrooms. Frans Laivonen already warned me about potential new projects related to future machine purchases. We are very happy to continue our cooperation with Okmetic and find new areas where suspension solutions can be used."

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