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EVOLUTION Supine Positioners

Evolution Supine Positioners provides enhanced pressure relief with a proven anatomical design.

  • Unique and innovative design that redistributes weight of the patient’s body and provides enhanced pressure relief compared to regular Patient Positioners.
  • The positioners are made from two components. The inside of the product is comfortable Visco-elastic foam. The outer coating is a seamless, non-porous Dual Coated Hi-Tech Membrane with high tear strength making it a very robust product.
  • The outer coating has Excellent Abrasion Resistance and is Puncture/Burst Resistant.
  • It has excellent flexibility that improves conformity to the skin.
  • Provides Zero Interface Pressure under the Bony Prominences.
  • High strength bond between foam and coating creates an ultra strong laminated structure for a long life product.
  • The outer coating provides an excellent fluid-proof barrier without any seams or other bacteria harbouring features on the outer surface.
  • Completely Latex free.
  • Compatible with CT Scanners as these do not cause artefacts.
  • Head Positioners provide excellent Neck Support and Head Stability compared to regular Head Rings.
  • Foot Positioners provide excellent Foot Support with Zero Pressure under the Heel compared to regular Heel Pads.
  • Competitively priced to make it a cost effective option against regular positioners.
  • Two year product warranty.

EVOLUTION Supine Head Positioner

  • Raised neck area supporting cervical vertebrae and trapezoid muscle
  • Zero pressure on the Occipital area helps to prevent decubitus ulcers, pressure alopecia and fluid pooling
  • Fingered lateral support provide excellent pressure distribution
    and stable head support with comfortable fit
  • Smooth contoured surfaces allows maximum patient comfort
  • Non-slip base grips to operating table mattress
  • Air ventilation through the base maintains normathermia at the occipita bone
  • Concave base aids self adjusting motion and allows air ventilation
100066112 Medium Style 2
100066113 Large Style 2

EVOLUTION Supine Foot Positoner

  • Egonomical support surface contoured to the back of the led and the achilles tendon
  • Raised sides protects the foot from lateral force and leg rotation
  • Zero pressure on the calcaneus bone helps prevent decubitus ulcers developing
  • Smooth contoured surface allows maximum surface redistribusition
  • Unique non-slip base grips to operating table mattress
  • Air ventilation through the base allows normathermia at the calcaneus bone
  • Concave base aids self adjustment motion and allows air ventilation
100066114 Medium
Product Code100066112, 100066113, 100066114

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