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iFix – The optimal patient stabilization system

iFix is a patient stabilization system comprised of both reusable and disposable components. The disposable iFix Fleece is attached to a reusable anchor product.

It is simple, secure and clean. Can be used for all types of surgery.


Please check the availability in your country from Merivaara sales.

Disposable products

R0114C05 iFix Fleece 5 30 m roll
R0114C15 iFix Fleece 15 200 m roll
R0114C50 iFix Fleece 50 30 m roll

Disposable products

R0114CXS iFix Head Mask XS 10 pieces
R0114C0S iFix Head Mask S 10 pieces
R0114C0M iFix Head Mask M 10 pieces
R0114C0L iFix Head Mask L 10 pieces
R0114CXL iFix Head Mask XL 10 pieces

Reusable products

R0114A15 iFix Patch 15 8 pieces
R0114A25 iFix Patch 25 6 pieces
R0114A50 iFix Patch 50 4 pieces
R0114A75 iFix Patch 75 4 pieces

Reusable products

R0114B50 iFix Patch Adapter 50 4 pieces
R0114B01 iFix Side Rail Adapter 4 pieces
R0114B02 iFix Side Rail patch 10 pieces

Product CodeR0114K01

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