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Radiolucent Lateral Support XP360

Offers the possibility to position the patient safely and to optimally assess the surgical site during intra-operative imaging.

Disposable pads with high strength to reduce the risk of germ transfer and for safe and stable storage with large area pressure distribution to avoid pressure damage and easy cleaning.



• Optimized imaging thanks to radiolucent materials
• Firm hold in lateral position
• Individual adjustment through a ball joint
• Available in two different sizes
• Quickly mountable
• Easy cleaning
• Reduced risk of germ transfer


Please check the availability in your country from Merivaara sales.


OTZ.0032.2017 Radiolucent Lateral Support XP 360


TZ.0100.2019 Disposable Pads for XP 360 (10 pcs small, 10 pcs large)
Product CodeOTZ.0032.2017, OTZ.0100.2019

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