QUAD suspension solution for surgical lights and monitors

Modern operating rooms today are equipped with more and more equipment designed to provide surgical staff both the clinical images as well as critical video sources during the procedure. For the staff, functionality and ergonomics of suspension solutions that carry these vital monitors, is of very high importance.

Suspension solutions of Q-Flow product family has gone through a complete update, now being able to offer many new solutions that will enhance the ergonomics of any operating room. We are proud to present a new equipment powerhouse in our portfolio. Q-Flow QUAD with four horizontal swiveling arms will provide our customers everything they need from a full scale surgical lighting system in a modern digital operating room environment. Start creating the configuration for your needs, starting from the preconfigured options below.

Read how Merivaara’s R&D was challenged to think outside the box and what then happened.


  • QUAD 110 mm ceiling tube

Product Code 5204000

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