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New star has been born to Merivaara award-winning light family – Q-Flow for examinations and minor surgeries

Q-Flow 1 and Q-Flow 2 compact lamps for different kind of premises

Merivaara’s Q-Flow surgical light has received several design awards. Now the family has grown with two compact lamps: Q-Flow 1 and Q-Flow 2 utilize the technology of the large Q-Flow surgical lights, where excellent tissue color rendition is an essential feature.

Merivaara’s Q-Flow 1 examination lamp and the Q-Flow 2 minor surgical lamp are designed for small surgical operations, particularly suitable for smaller operations performed outside main operating rooms. The light heads can be easily connected to arms optimized for different procedures, which improves the ergonomics of the healthcare staff. The new lamps of the Q-Flow product series can be used with one hand: this improves patient safety, as the user can keep the other hand clean for patient treatment. Smooth design of splash proof enclosure ensures efficient cleaning of the product. 

Illustration of CE mark
Illustration of Medical Device

Q-Flow models

Q-Flow 1 examination light

Main features:
• Single hand use
• Excellent color rendering capability
• Detachable sterilizable handle
• Easy to clean


Q-Flow 2 surgical light

Additional features:
• High illumination power
• Double yoke option available

Benefits of the Q-Flow minor lights


  • Single hand use
  • Detachable sterilizable handle
  • Simplified user interface


  • Close to perfect overall color rendering properties
  • Illuminates even minor differences of red colored tissues
  • Excellent skin color rendering for bedside wound treatment


  • Smooth and easy to clean design
Q-Flow 1 Q-Flow 2
Max illumination intensity @ 1.0 m* (lux) 50 000 100 000
Color rendering index (Ra) 98 98
Red color rendering index (R9) 93 97
“Skin color” rendering index (R13) 98 98
Colour temperature (K) 4 400 4 400
Depth of illumination @ 60 % (mm) 1100 900
Light field diameter (mm) 240 208 – 220
Dimming 25 – 100 25 – 100
Number of LEDs 9 18
Average life time of LED (h) > 60 000 > 60 000
Working distance (mm) 500 – 1500 500 – 1500
Power consumption (W) 17 32
External dimensions (mm) Length 400, Ø 260 Length 400, Ø 260
Lamp weight (kg) 2,6 2,7
Detachable sterilizable handle
Disposable sterile handle cover O O
Degree of protection (lamp head) IP44 IP44
Product code 520103, 520101, 520203, 520201 520103, 520101, 520203, 520201
Manufacturer: Merivaara Corp.
√ = included
O = optional
*) Tolerance ±10%

Merivaara Design DNA

The core of the Merivaara Design DNA has always been in the user experience. The Merivaara Design DNA includes key elements that ensure our products and systems are easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to understand.

Solutions for Q-Flow

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