The K-Tek Comfort Stirrups for patient positioning for a wide range of gynecologic, urologic and laparoscopic procedures.

The Stirrups increase surgeons’ operating room performance by permitting simple adjustment of lithotomy and abduction intra-operatively.

The K-tek Comfort 350 stirrup is designed for patients with a BMI of less than 29 with a large flexible lateral fin and can support patients up to 159 kg weight capacity.

  • Designed to relieve pressure with soft padding that encapsulates the foot.
  • K-TEK™ silicone closure straps making cleaning easy.
  • Flexible finned boots accomodates various leg sizes.
  • Superior access with lithotomy range of motion from -55˚ to +85˚ aids in relieving clinican shoulder/arm strain.


Order information

100012806 K-Tek Comfort 350 stirrups
100012808 K-Tek™ stirrup cart
100012811 K-Tek™ Comfort™ 350 stirrup additional boot pad kit (one piece)
100 011 043 Rail clamp, EUR and UK
100 011 043U Rail clamp, US
Potilaan enimm. paino 159 kg
Lithotomy Range +85 - -55 °
Abduction range +35 - -9 °
Product Code 100012806

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