CS Carbon Spine Extension

The CS Carbon Spine Extension can be fitted to Grand Promerix operating table to provide a patient position and imaging capabilities comparable to that of a specialist dual-rail spine table.

The CS frame may be attached to the head side of the Grand Promerix without the need of the support leg. A support leg is to be used at all times when the CS Frame is attached to the leg side of the table.


  • CS Carbon Extension Rail, 1pc
  • CS Carbon Extension Leg, 1pc
  • CS Carbon Extension Adaptor – Merivaara, 1pc
  • CS Chest Support, 1pc
  • CS Hip Supports, 1 pair
  • CS Extension Hip Supports, Grey, 1 pair
  • CS Extension Thigh Supports, Grey, 1 pair
  • CS Universal Arm Supports, with Grey Pad, 2 pcs
  • CS Table Rail Adaptor, EUR size, 1 pair
  • CS Head Tray Attachement, 1 pc
  • CS Prone Plus Head Support System, Grey, 1pc
  • CS Supine Top, with Grey 2″ Foam Pad, 4 pcs
  • CS Shin Supports, 1 pair
  • CS Comfort Knee Rings, 1 pair

Please order the armboards separately, not included in the package.


  • Improved anaesthetic access – no end columns between the anaesthetic team and the patient
  • 360° C-Arm/O-Arm access
  • Improved efficiency – simply remove the extension to return the table for standard use
  • Significantly more cost-effective in comparison to purchasing a full spine table
  • Detachable support leg for added stability if preferred
Safe working load (SWL) 250 kg
Product code CSM-2730M