Vanto II operating table system

VANTO II with transferable table tops is made of three fundamental elements: column, table top and trolley for moving the system. It has been designed to satisfy the needs of modern operating theatres.

Vanto II ensures maximum comfort for the patient. It fulfills all the requirements of various surgical procedures. The patient positioning is precise and immediate thanks to the complete modularity of the table top and the unique locking system of the table top sections.

The use of the Vanto II system allows to organize a better logistics in the multidisciplinary operating rooms.

Available in Nordic countries.

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Illustration of Medical Device

Three types of column for any necessity

  • The mobile column is built on an ultra-flat base with minimum thickness that ensures maximum stability to the entire system. It offers an easy access to the table top for the users and avoids collision with C-arms, pedals, trolley, etc.
  • Vanto II Mobile Plus has two wheels integrated to the base of the column which allows to transfer the table without using the
    standard trolley.
  • Stationary column is fixed to the floor with 340° rotation. This allows better patient positioning for any type of the surgery.

Three trolley options available

A removable mini trolley can be used for intraoperative transfers or minor adjustments before, during or after the surgery.

The lateral trolley allows to transfer only the table top or the entire system indifferently from the left and the right side of the patient. This type of trolley is suitable for narrow operating rooms where space needs to be optimized.

The longitudinal trolley allows to transfer only the table top or the entire system indifferently from the head or feet side. It’s easy to move thanks to an optional 5th wheel which can be inserted or removed easily and quickly using a foot button.

Bredd (table top) 590 mm
Höjdjustering 600 - 1150 mm
Chockläge -56 °
Anti-Chockläge +56 °
Huvudstödsjustering +53 - -53 °
Ryggsektionsjustering -50 - +90 °
Bensektionsjustering -90 - +90 °
Madrassbas (bredd) 530 mm
Längsgående ändring av bordstoppen 475 mm
Sidolutning 35 - 35 °
Max lyft kapacitet 453 kg
Produktkod 8803000, 8811000, 8812000, 8821000, 8822000
Tillverkare  OPT SurgiSystems S.r.l.