Industrial design, safety and fluent usability since 1901

Merivaara Group is a forerunner in intuitive healthcare technology and industrial design, with surgery room solutions being a key focus and growth area. Functionality and ease of use have been at the heart of the Merivaara design since 1901, when the company was founded. Today, Merivaara’s innovative products and solutions improve patient safety and increase quality and efficiency of surgery operations in leading international hospitals.

Made in Finland and investing in user-friendly design have served as the cornerstones of the company from the very beginning. This is also demonstrated by the Design from Finland mark awarded to Merivaara in 2021. The products and services that carry the mark are designed to be professional, user-friendly, and sustainable. Merivaara is part of the Finnish Lojer Group.

Merivaara products and solutions to surgery rooms

We offer to healthcare a wide range of high-quality products and solutions.

25 May 2023

Swedish orders worth of millions for Merivaara

The OpenOR operating room integration and AV system has been a success in Swedish hospitals. The Swedish subsidiary Merivaara AB has won more than 90% of the tenders in which...

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01 Jun 2022

Merivaara is now part of the Finnish Lojer Group

The Finnish hospital furniture manufacturer, Lojer Oy, is the new owner of Merivaara Corp. This will expand the portfolio Merivaara offers to operating rooms.

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20 Jan 2022

New member to the award-winning Q-Flow surgical light family

Q-Flow Fluent surgical light is for customers with emphasis on simplicity, durability, and high level of hygiene in their operating rooms, but still with expectations of a world class surgical...

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January 2024
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