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Effortless image handling and consultation in the operating room

The outpatient surgery department at Päijät-Häme Central Hospital in Finland, is using OpenOR, the new integrated OR management system in endoscopic surgery.

“The most important is that we are able to archive images and videos from these surgeries to inspect quality. If necessary, we can relay images rather than rushing off to view them elsewhere. The surgeon performing the operation can consult another surgeon remotely,” says .Dr Jyrki Kössi, Chief Gastroenterologist at the hospital. 

In addition to performing surgeries, the hospital organises both in-house training seminars and nation-wide courses with live demonstrations.

 “In addition we receive good-quality images and sound in the auditorium from the operating room, and questions from the auditorium can be relayed to the operating room. The web-browser based system is really convenient,” Dr Markku Luostarinen, Chief Surgeon, adds.

Would you like to learn more on how they use it?

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