Scandia Prime

Versatile operating table Scandia Prime for day surgery

The Scandia Prime is an excellent choice when you are looking for a high-quality and versatile operating table for day and short-stay surgery. The electric operating table has all the functionalities and versatility that is required in surgical procedures – and with an excellent price-quality ratio. As an example of high quality the new motor technique allows simultaneous movements of different sections when using pre-programmed or zero position – making it faster to adjust the table. The sliding table-top structure together with modular parts enable a wide range of different surgery positions including flex and reflex positions. Combined with a wide range of accessories the Scandia Prime ensures ergonomic and anatomically best posture position for the patient. The table features four programmable memory positions and zero position. The Scandia Prime proves that elegant design can also be practical. The electric operating table is carefully designed to provide maximum efficiency and more room for the surgical team to operate. The functional and smart frame construction enables easy cleaning and high level of hygiene – for example, all splatters are led on the floor by the frame. Due to smart and clear structure the Scandia Prime is also fast and easy to maintain.

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The Scandia Prime is a modular and versatile electromechanical surgical operating table that has been designed with the day surgery in mind. The Prime will meet the high demands and expectations of the modern-day operating room.

1. The table can be easily modified into several kind of surgery positions.
2. Simultaneous movements of different sections when using pre-programmed or zero position
3. Fully modular
4. Full length accessory rails
5. High SWL (Safe Working Load)
6. Intuitive control devices
7. Manual brake
8. High manouverability
9. Smart base design

Benefits of the Scandia Prime Operating Table


  • Effortless manual locking system
  • Interchangeable sections
  • C-arm access
  • Side rails along the entire length of the table top
  • Sliding table top
  • Curved base for closer proximity to the patient


  • Manual quick action brake
  • Directional castor
  • Large castors ensure smooth manoeuvrability


  • Easy to clean
  • Designed to avoid fluid retention
  • One piece base cover – no seams


  • Safety features incorporated:
    • 2 touch hand controller for safe use
    • Safety lock
  • Backup control panel
  • Intuitive use
  • Movements limited by software to prevent collisions
  • Table-top sections are driven simultaneously to
    0-position or memory positions to speed up the operation


  • Motorized Trendelenburg adjustment of 30 degrees for extreme positioning
  • Controllable also from backup control panel
Total length 2070 mm
Width including accessory rails 622 mm
Mattress width 550 mm
Total weight 200 kg
Safe working load (SWL) 250 kg
Lifting capacity 454 kg
Height adjustment range 595 - 1005 mm
Castors Four Ø 125 mm central locking twin castors
Head section -58° – +37°, 135 mm
Motorized back section -10° – +70°
Motorized leg section -80° – +10°
Motorized lateral tilt 20° / 20°
Motorized Trendelenburg / anti-Trendelenburg 30° / 20°
Motorized slide (optional) 300 mm
Flex / Reflex 220° / 120°
Main power supply (EU) 24 VDC, battery operated 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Controls Hand control and integrated control panel on the column
Memory positions Four programmable positions
Warranty 2 years
CE-marked Yes
Product code OT8010, OT8011, OT8012, OT8020, OT8021, OT8022
Manufacturer Lojer Oy