Scandia Lite

Scandia Lite operating table – Streamlined design

The Scandia Lite is a non-modular surgical operating table that has been specifically designed for private clinics and simple procedures.

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The Scandia Lite is the perfect choice for simple surgical procedures.The Lite offers an electro-mechanical height adjustment column with Trendelenburg combined with a manual and smooth adjustable tabletop.

1. Low minimum height
2. Easy-to-use hand control
3. Smart base design
4. Large castors
5. Manual brake

Benefits of the Scandia Lite Operating Table


  • Easy to clean
  • Designed to avoid fluid retention
  • One piece base cover – no seams


  • Low minimum height of 560 mm


  • Non slip surface
  • Full length mattress


  • Curved base allowing closer proximity onto operating area


  • Safety features incorporated:
    • 2-touch hand controller
    • Safety lock
  • Backup control panel located on the column
  • Wireless foot control (Bluetooth)
Total length 2010 mm
Width incl. accessory rails 604 mm
Mattress width 550 mm
Total weight 174 kg
Safe working load (SWL) 200 kg
Lifting capacity 454 kg
Castors Four Ø125 mm central locking twin castors, conductive
Motorized height adjustment range 560–970 mm
Motorized Trendelenburg / anti-Trendelenburg 30° / 20°
Non-motorized head section 30°–+30°
Non-motorized back section -10°–+65°
Non-motorized leg section -50°–+15°
Main power supply (EU) 24 VDC, battery operated, 100-240 V ~, 50/60 Hz
Current consumption Max. 4.5 A
Ingress protection system IPX4
Electric protection class Class I (grounded), type B applied part
Internal power supply (main batteries) 2,1 Ah (52,92 Wh) Li-Ion technology (NMC), UN3481 (charge below 30 %)
Operating rate 10 %, max 2 min/18 min On/Off continuous use.
Ambient conditions for transport and storage:
Temperature -10°C–+40°C
Relative air humidity 20 %...80 % at 30°C, not condensing
Air pressure 70 kPa–106 kPa
Ambient conditions for operation:
Temperature +5°C–+30°C
Relative air humidity 20 %–80 % at 30°C, not condensing
Air pressure 70 kPa…106 kPa
Product code OT8210
Manufacturer Lojer Oy