Guidance on social responsibility

Merivaara Oy complies with the international ISO 26000 standard regarding social responsibility. These guidelines may also be referred to as Merivaara’s Code of Conduct.

Corporate governance

Merivaara’s corporate governance is based on integrating the principles of social responsibility in decision-making and executing decisions. These principles include accountability, transparency, ethical operations, as well as respect for the interests of stakeholders, rule of law, international rules of society and human rights.

Human rights

Merivaara acknowledges its responsibility to respect and support human rights through its operations and with its employees.

Merivaara’s employees must commit to complying with these guidelines and all applicable national laws and regulations as well as international treaties. They must also commit to respecting human rights in the spirit of internationally recognized standards.

Merivaara strongly believes that each employee is entitled to a safe and healthy working environment as well as to freedom from violations of personal integrity. Any type of harassment, regardless of the intent, is prohibited.

Merivaara expects its business partners to treat their employees fairly and equally. Merivaara is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in the workplace, which means prohibiting all types of harassment. Merivaara accepts and values diversity and expects its business partners to do the same. Merivaara does not tolerate discrimination, whether due to race, colour, gender, age, religion, political views, nationality, ethnic origin or any other characteristics protected by law.

Merivaara does not approve of child or forced labour in any form and shall not contract with business partners or subcontractors using such labour.

Merivaara does not supply products or services to parties which use them to conduct human rights violations. Merivaara avoids relationships with parties which participate in activities directed against the society.

Improper payments or benefits

Merivaara or Merivaara’s business partners may not offer direct or indirect bribes or other payments of any amount or direct or indirect hospitalities of an excessive nature (such as entertainment or gifts) to Merivaara’s employees, representatives or employees of public administration, trade unions or existing or potential clients or partners for the purpose of improperly obtaining benefits of any kind. Business partners are not allowed to accept any improper benefits of any kind.

Any form of money laundering shall also be regarded as violation of this Code of Conduct.

Merivaara expects its business partners to ensure that compensation paid to their employees complies with all applicable wage laws, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and other statutory benefits.

Merivaara expects its business partners to comply with all applicable laws and international treaties concerning intellectual property and to refrain from infringing on either Merivaara’s or third parties’ intellectual property rights.

Merivaara expects its business partners to comply with all applicable agreements on confidentiality or non-disclosure. Business partners shall have the right to publicize their cooperation with Merivaara or utilize Merivaara trademarks only in the extent for which Merivaara has expressly given a prior written authorization. The partners must also comply with all instructions and guidelines that Merivaara may have issued on the matter.


The key objectives in the life cycle thinking are the reduction of the environmental impact of products and services as well as maintenance of their performance throughout the entire life cycle.

Merivaara embraces the principles of ecodesign in the design of its products. The choices made during the design phase impact each stage in a product’s life cycle and thus also determine the overall environmental impact and the life cycle cost of the product. We carry out environmental risk assessments on our processes and products as part of our certified environmental management system. Eliminating chemicals hazardous to the environment is also one of our objectives, and our products comply with the requirements of the RoHS Directive. The goal in our production is to optimize the use of energy and raw materials to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. Transports are planned to minimize the amount of emissions they generate.

Fair operational procedures

Merivaara’s employees must commit to complying with these guidelines and all applicable national laws and regulations as well as international treaties. Merivaara also expects its business partners to adhere to the principles expressed in these operating guidelines in all of their operations with Merivaara, their employees and partners as well as third parties, such as public officials.

Any suspected activities in violation of the social responsibility guidelines as well as the measures required to resolve the situation (disciplinary action or incentives) shall be appropriately investigated.

Consumer matters

Merivaara’s clients are primarily professional users of healthcare. Our company shall always work to provide accurate, fair, transparent and useful marketing information and to respect the agreements made. We also acknowledge that our responsibilities include minimizing risks caused by our products and services by means of design, manufacture, distribution, information and support services. We process our clients’ information in a secure and respectful manner and protect their privacy.

Community involvement and development

Merivaara is a member of Healthtech Finland, operating under COCIR, the European Trade Association representing the health technology sector. Merivaara is also a member of the SELT Association and the Environmental Register of Packaging PYR Ltd.

Merivaara also promotes social investments by participating in local projects related to economic and training development.