Rapido surgical table/trolley is an all-in-one table for day surgery

Rapido surgical table is an all-in-one hydraulic day surgery table for preinduction, transport, operation, and recovery. Its variety of features makes it the ideal solution for busy day surgery needs. Rapido surgical table enables expedient operating room transfers in the day surgery ward, which means that operating rooms can be used more efficiently and thus speed up the turnaround time of day surgery. There are two different models of Rapido available: Rapido Standard operating table and Rapido Upper Body operating table.

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Image of Rapido operating table.


Rapido Standard operating table is lightweight and easy to use and clean. Rapido table reduces manual handling and improves efficiency in the operating room and ward. The open design of Rapido operating table ensures optimum surgical access and easy use of x-ray and other imaging equipment. A comprehensive range of accessories are available to enable you to undertake a wide range of day surgery and minor surgical procedures. C-arm access is quick and easy with Rapido operating table making it ideal for use by Endoscopy department.

Image of Rapido Upper Body operating table/surgical trolley.


Rapido Upper Body operating table is specially designed for various types of surgeries on the upper body, including head. This model has improved access to the patient’s upper body, optimizing space for the surgeon’s legs and feet. This ensures that the surgeon can come close to the patient. Rapido Upper Body operating table is especially designed for various types of surgeries, for example Thoracic, ENT, Gynecology, Urology, and hand & arm procedures. Adjustments of the operating table that the surgeon needs during the upper body operations are conveniently controlled from the head end of the Rapido table.


1. Height settings hydraulic and gas spring aided adjustments.
2. Wide table top with 80 mm antistatic and hygienic visco elastic memory foam, mattress that conforms to the patient’s body.
3. X-Ray cassette rails, good imaging access.
4. Allows easy access to the patient, thus providing ergonomic working positions for the surgery team. Provides adequate legroom and a good working area for the surgical team.
5. Fluent movement thanks to larger antistatic twin castors that glide smoothly on a variety of floor surfaces, central locking.
6. Smooth and silent height adjustment allows for optimal positioning helping patients with limited mobility to easily get on and off the table.
7. The lower base is housed inside within a hygienic, easy to clean casing.
8. Height adjustment pedals are easy to access.
9. Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg adjustment handles.

Benefits of the Rapido operating table


  • The unique table design allows for closer access to the operating field.


  • Patient safety rails during transport


  • Budget friendly
  • Reduces purchasing costs


  • Fluent manoeuvrability
  • Easy configuration
  • Light weight sections
  • Small base footprint allows for effective space saving
Standard Upper Body
Length 2050 mm 2185 mm
Mattress width 600 mm 600 mm
Total width 654 mm 654 mm
Weight 125 kg 125 kg
Safe working load (SWL) 160 kg 160 kg
Height, hydraulically with foot pedals 650–1020 mm 650–1020 mm
Trendelenburg, gas spring-assisted -25° -25°
Reverse Trendelenburg, gas spring-assisted +18° +18°
Lateral tilt, gas spring-assisted ± 15° -
Back section adjustment, gas spring-assisted - 4°…+70° - 4°…+70°
Leg section adjustment, gas spring-assisted - 90°…+4° - 50°…+4°
Head rest - 40°…+25° - 40°…+25°
Castors size Ø 150 mm Ø 150 mm
Antistatic castors: washable, swivelling twin-castors, central locking device pedal
Number of table top sections 4 sections / 5 sections (divided foot section) 4 sections (one-piece leg section)
Fixed back and seat sections
Leg and head sections detachable
Top plate of X-ray translucent high pressure laminate
X-ray cassette rails along the full length of the surgical surface
Accessory rails of stainless steel
Casings of shock-resistant ABS plastic
Mattress type Antistatic and hygienic visco elastic memory foam 80 mm Antistatic and hygienic visco elastic memory foam 80 mm
Warranty 2 years 2 years
Product code 100001860 100001865
Official product name Rapido Rapido Upper Body
Manufacturer Merivaara Corp. Merivaara Corp.
√ = included
– = not available

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