Mericonnect for OpenOR

Video recordings in the operating room are becoming more common as non-invasive surgery and new medical technology are emerging. Additionally, hospitals need to pay more attention to the quality of care which increases the need for traceability.

Merivaara offers a solution, MeriConnect™, that enables surgeons to access and edit images and videos immediately after surgery at their own desk. This helps to save time, speed up the operating theatre turnover and improve patient safety.

MeriConnect is a browser based integration and archiving system, designed to function with Merivaara OpenOR™, a vendor-independent operating room (OR) integration and image handling system. MeriConnect allows users to store, edit and transfer data directly after surgery. It can be used in addition to existing PACS and other archiving systems or even entirely replace them.

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Benefits of the Mericonnect


  • Consolidates and stores data from Surgical Imaging, Radiology, Hospital Information Systems and Clinical Databases to MeriConnect, with short or long term policy.
  • Makes data accessible for surgeons and clinicians from their own computers outside the OR without any client SW.
  • Perfect documentation tool with highly visual and easy-to-use features enabling fast and efficient diagnostics and reporting.


  • Provides a vendor-neutral secure archive for data.
  • Advanced open integration interfaces connecting existing Hospital Information Systems, PACS systems and Operating Room management systems allow hospitals to have smooth and functional multi-vendor environments.
Manufacturer O3 Enterprise, Italy

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