Grand Promerix

Powerful Grand Promerix operating table for demanding surgical procedures

Grand Promerix operating table is a heavy-duty, yet versatile operating table for all kind of surgical procedures. Well-designed details help you work more fluently. Grand Promerix operating table is excellent for bariatric surgeries. Grand Promerix operating table is designed according to the Merivaara Design DNA concept. The Merivaara Design DNA includes key elements that ensure that Grand Promerix operating table is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to understand. Merivaara Design DNA reflects modern, customer-oriented functionality that focuses only on what is essential for the users – the user experience itself. Read more about the Merivaara Design DNA concept. Grand Promerix operating table has also a Design from Finland mark awarded to companies that have evidence of excellence in Finnish design. The products and solutions using this mark are designed to be professional, user-friendly, and sustainable. Read more about the Design from Finland mark.

Design from Finland, logo.
Illustration of CE mark
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Improved ergonomic design improves the comfort of the whole surgical team. Comfort leads to concentration, confidence and better co-operation. That’s efficiency.

1. Fluent design language connects Grand Promerix seamlessly to Merivaara product family
2. Hidden, smaller castors – improved ergonomics
3. Inwards cutout – increased foot space
4. Increased C-arm access
5. Base cover also available in stainless steel
6. Column casings with chamfered edges
7. Bellows designed for easy clean

Benefits of the Grand Promerix operating table


Grand Promerix has lots of improved details for better ergonomics, for example, hidden, smaller castors and a curved cutout for increased foot space. Human-centric design at its best.


The renewed slim base gives you perfect C-arm access. The Grand Promerix is designed to meet the highest standards in the operating room.


Details redesigned with patient safety in mind. New bellows & seat section, among other improvements, make Grand Promerix hygienic and easy to clean.


Our Fluent locking system is both user-friendly and reliable. Connect with one click.

Sliding Non-sliding
Length (table top) 2100 mm 2100 mm
Width (table top) 540 mm 540 mm
Width (base) 652 mm 652 mm
Height adjustment 650–1110 mm 610–1070 mm
Max. patient weight 275 kg 325 kg
Safe working load (SWL) 275 kg 325 kg
Trendelenburg -35° -35°
Reverse Trendelenburg +35° +35°
Head rest adjustment -45 – +45° -45 – +45°
Back section adjustment -45 – +80° -45 – +80°
Leg section adjustment -105 – +70° -95 – +70°
Castors size 80 mm 80 mm
Frequency 47–63 Hz 47–63 Hz
Input voltage 100–240 VAC 100–240 VAC
Weight 325 kg 300 kg
Longitudinal shift of the table top 410 mm
Lateral tilt -25 – +25° 20 – 20°
Lower frame length 1317 mm 1317 mm
Floor clearance 25 mm 25 mm
Max. lifting capacity 490 kg 490 kg
Product Code 100060000 100060000
Official product name Promerix Promerix
Manufacturer Merivaara Corp. Merivaara Corp.

Merivaara Design DNA

The core of the Merivaara Design DNA has always been in the user experience. The Merivaara Design DNA includes key elements that ensure our products and systems are easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to understand.

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