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More flexible service for clients at Swedish plastic surgery clinic

Clients encounter a pleasant, fresh atmosphere from the moment they step into the beautifully decorated reception area. The waiting room is fitted out in a homely fashion, with sofas, newspapers and TV. This newly renovated private clinic offers various types of plastic surgery to clients who consult the clinic on their own initiative and clients referred by doctors working for the county council.

Plastikkirurggruppen Ab was founded back in the late 1980s by MD Kjell-Ove Sällström. Its operations were somewhat small-scale over its first few years of operation, but it has grown over time; and since 2003 the clinic has been located on Sabbatsberg Hospital premises in Vasastan in the heart of Stockholm. The clinic underwent renovation in 2011, and its premises were expanded considerably at the same time.

Now Plastikkirurggruppen has seven consulting rooms, four operating theatres, one recovery room and overnight accommodation for both individuals and groups of people. The clinic used to carry out around 2,000 operations each year. Thanks to the new rooms, the clinic is now able to more than double the number of operations it carries out to around 6,000 a year.

When all the theatres are in use, the clinic is able to accept 20 or so clients a day, depending on the type of operation. Most of these are able to go home the same day, but some clients need to stay in overnight after certain operations. Fridays are reserved entirely for day surgery.

Plastikkirurggruppen also has recourse to special services such as laboratory analyses, X-rays, cardiology and pharmacy services. These services are provided by other companies in the same building.

High class aesthetic and reconstructive surgery

Breast augmentation or reduction, tummy tucks, liposuction, facelifts and rhinoplasties are the most common operations carried out. Thanks to its professional approach, the clinic has been able to enter into a care agreement with Stockholm County Council, which means that around 2530 % of clients are referred to the clinic for reconstructive surgery due to, e.g. accidents or congenital malformation.

Karolinska University Hospital has also started to use the services of Plastikkirurggruppen for removal of skin tumours.

As many of the clinic’s clients feel that the operations they have come here to have are a very private matter, the clinic is anxious to maintain the greatest possible discretion and a strong degree of trust in the clinic and its care staff.

Emphasis on logistics

To be able to offer clients a flexible service and outstanding comfort, Plastikkirurggruppen sets great store by effective logistics.

“Logistics are important, making sure things work. We have to maintain contact between various parts of the organisation and ensure that all flows are good. This is a real challenge when you move and grown,” explains Mikael Sellman, CEO of Plastikkirurggruppen.

The operating theatres and instruments are adapted according to the type of surgery and the operating physician. The clinic strives to give each individual surgeon access to the same operating theatre for an entire day. This makes the process faster and utilises the time as efficiently as possible.

The operating theatres are equipped with mobile operating tables which can easily be adjusted for various operations and patient positions. As all tables, lamps and pendants are the same in all theatres, it is easy for the staff to work irrespective of which theatre they are in. This is particularly important as many surgeons come from elsewhere to work just one or two days at a time at this clinic.

After being operated on, patients are taken on beds to the recovery room, and to overnight accommodation if so required. As space is limited to an extent in the clinic, Plastikkirurggruppen has opted to use particularly narrow beds which are easy to move through the narrow corridors but are still comfortable for clients. Clients use a simple remote control to set their beds in different positions electronically, depending on what feels most comfortable for them.

“We decided to go for a slightly narrower bed variant so that it would be easy to move around,” explains Mikael. “I was a little concerned that these beds would be too narrow, but we have not had any complaints on that front. Everything is so much better now than it was before.”


Plastikkirurggruppen wanted to replace all its furniture in connection with extension and renovation of the clinic. The products must be of high quality, but they also have to work in the clinic’s rooms.


Merivaara was able to offer operating tables, lamps and pendants, as well as bespoke beds. Moreover, other clinics within the same group company had had good experiences with Merivaara products.

Plastikkirurggruppen chose electronically controlled Practico operating tables, Merilux X5 lamps and Ondal pendants for all four operating theatres. Extra narrow versions of the easy-to-use Carena bed were supplied to fit the space available. The doctors use Merilux X1 examination lamps in the consulting rooms.


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