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Merivaara Intelligence offers comprehensive and reliable data which is collected, analyzed and delivered back to the client to improve efficiency, well-being and safety in hospital environment.

New technologies in health care emerge at an increasing pace and customers gravitate towards the solutions that are the most user-friendly and easiest to use. As change is constant, the health care providers that engage these and therefore develop their operations are the ones who are gaining the biggest benefits. We help health care providers in their transformation to utilizing and sharing digital information. This helps them to improve their efficiency throughout all their surgical areas and therefore patient safety and outcomes.



Provides valuable and reliable equipment data to maximize efficiency of the operating room.


Manage OR department utilizing real-time data to improve efficiency and ultimately patient safety and outcomes.

What intelligence can bring to operating room efficiency?

Big data and machine learning can improve efficiency and quality in your operating rooms.

The operating room is the most valuable room in the hospital. To use an OR requires high-value equipment, staff and logistics, and of course it provides high-value service to patients. In both monetary and wellbeing terms, one minute in an OR is very valuable.

If you can’t use an OR because of some technical fault you have major problems. The delays will cause mayhem to your schedules, you will have staff unable to do their jobs and you might have extra costs to fix the issue. This is why we at Merivaara believe in bringing intelligence into the OR.

An OR generates a lot of data, both from the equipment and the processes which go on there. We gather data, analyse it and propose actions such as maintenance to keep your OR running when you need it to run. We have been designing fact-based data and analysis tools – such as machine learning – which provide a vision of the situation and propose actions to take via a dashboard.

Data can be gathered from both Merivaara equipment as well as from other providers using our OpenOR integrated operating room solution. By combining the data from various sources and analysing it you can know what is happening not just in one OR but an entire department.

The benefits of this can be decreased costs, more efficient use of time and staff, improved quality, higher utilisation rates and even reduced infections.

Big data is nothing new, but it is unusual to see it applied in healthcare in this manner. This is just one example of how Merivaara is always looking ahead to find the best solutions so operating rooms work better and more efficiently.

We have been developing this solution for some time and are currently seeking interested partners. Bringing intelligence into ORs is a co-creation process: we want to understand your real needs and see how this can be beneficial to your operations. If you are interested in learning how to bring intelligence into your OR, please get in touch.

The benefits of this can be decreased costs, more efficient use of time and staff, improved quality, higher utilisation rates and even reduced infections.


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