Light non-motorized leg section 60203

Light leg section improves work ergonomics of the operating room staff. It is very light and easy to handle. Light weight leg section attaches to the operating table with Fluent locking mechanism.

Light leg section for non-motorized legs, 100060203, is suitable for Smarter Practico operating table with non-motorized leg joints, Practico electro-mechanical and Practico Manual operating tables. To be used with Promerix operating table, 25- or 40- section is needed first to be attached to the seat section.

Includes 80 mm thick, antistatic VEF (viscoelastic foam) mattress.

Length 630 mm
Width (tabletop) 540 mm
Height 76 mm
Safe working load (SWL) 40 kg
Weight 4.9 kg
Product code 100060203