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15. November 2016

Major financial group's hospital chain acquires seven operating theatres from the Inoroom alliance in Finland

Inoroom™ turnkey delivery includes everything expected from a state of the art operating theatre, from planning to installation and maintenance, i.e. clean room structures, integrated hospital and building management systems, smart controls, standard hygiene management, user friendly interfaces, training and maintenance.

”Our procurement team was impressed by the simplicity of placing an order, staff and patient convenience and the functionality of premises. We can, for instance, adjust ventilation by zones, still maintaining all hygiene standards. Due to multi-functionality, procedures with different cleanliness category can be performed in the same day”, head of the unit Nina Vesaniemi from Pohjola Sairaala Helsinki says.

”For property owners and service providers, accurate budgeting of the building and maintenance costs of hospitals is very important. Inoroom™ operating theatres meet this requirement”, development manager Kari Kangasmaa from OP Kiinteistösijoitus Oy says.

”The turnkey solution from Inoroom combines unique flexibility with hassle-free delivery, reliability and a fixed price. The benefits expand to all of the parties involved: the developer, designers, contractors, surgical teams and patients”, the development and sales manager of Inoroom Mikael Sokolnicki says.

The delivery of operating theatres to the hospitals in Oulu and Kuopio in Finland will be carried out in two phases. The framework of the hospitals is already under construction and the designing of operating theatres has begun. The first theatres will be ready next summer and the rest by autumn 2017.


Inoroom™ is an innovative operating theatre concept, developed by three Nordic top experts. Halton takes care of the ventilation solutions, Hermetel prepares the clean rooms and Merivaara is responsible for the management systems and medical fixtures. The Inoroom™ concept was first introduced in Finland in June 2015.

Hermetel Oy

Hermetel is a Finnish-owned company established in 1987, which employs 70 experts in clean room and cooling technology. In 2010, our turnover was 10.5 million euros. Our manufacturing facilities in Orimattila consist of approximately 6,500 square metres. Along with continuous R&D and competent personnel, our strengths include uncompromising quality control; we use the most advanced equipment and the best raw materials.

Halton Group

Halton is a family enterprise specialising in indoor air solutions. Halton’s operating idea is to enable wellbeing in indoor environments. To achieve this, Halton markets, develops and supplies indoor air products, systems and services, which help in creating safe, comfortable and healthy indoor environments, which are productive and energy efficient. The operation of Halton Group consists of three strategic business areas. Halton focuses on indoor air solutions of public buildings. We focus in particular on solutions for offices, hotels and healthcare facilities. Halton Foodservice produces indoor air solutions for commercial kitchens and restaurants. Halton Marine offers solutions improving the safety, energy efficiency and comfort of vessels, offshore installations and energy industry. Halton was established in Iitti in 1969. Currently, the company operates in 29 countries around the world. The company’s turnover is 168 million euros and it has ca. 1,250 employees of whom 460 work in Finland.

Merivaara Corp.

Merivaara focuses on offering integrated solutions and equipment for operating rooms, day surgery and recovery. Established in 1901, Merivaara has more than 115 years of experience in designing and manufacturing hospital-grade equipment. The user experience of our customers and uncompromised quality are at the heart of Merivaara’s company culture. Merivaara’s products are used in more than 120 countries thanks to their ease of use, durability and ergonomic design.

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