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Leader in intuitive Health Technology and Industrial Design

Merivaara group is a leader in intuitive healthcare technology and industrial design, with surgery room solutions being a key focus and growth area. The company was established in 1901, and with its metal beds, improved hospital hygiene significantly. Today, Merivaara’s software, equipment and services improve patient safety and increase the quality and efficiency of surgery operations in leading international hospitals. The company is active in more than 120 countries. Merivaara Q-Flow™ surgical light won the Red Dot Award and Fennia Prize Grand Prix in 2017.

Proven track record

Merivaara has taken part in the development of health care and nursing for over a century. Traditionally, our core competence has laid in producing easy-to-use and durable furniture made of iron and steel. Medical technology taking major steps forward, however, we have adapted to the changing times and circumstances, and today we are able to provide cutting-edge systems for modern healthcare facilities. A further strength of Merivaara’s R&D is the ability to react quickly to customer needs and product ideas.

Innovations through cross-discipline collaboration

By combining expertise in various fields into integrated know-how we work to meet the requirements put on medical devices and hospital-grade furniture. Together with doctors, surgeons, nurses and other health care specialists and collaborators, our R&D personnel use their skills in mechanics, electronics, conceptual design, usability, ICT and materials, among others, to develop unique innovations. These are applied in durable, comfortable and easy-to-use products that are used in both demanding surgery applications and day-to-day patient care all over the world.

Partnership for success

Our main R&D facility is located in Finland, but an integral part of our innovation strategy is also the continuous search for alliances and partnerships giving synergies for both parties. These extend to the whole chain, including design, key technologies and materials. Moreover, we maintain an increasing network of consultative and collaborative relationships with leading academics of various medical disciplines. We've learnt that real rewards come through partnerships that work in the long run.

Merivaara's active product development focuses on generating new, innovative products and solutions for the benefit of patients and their caregivers, as well as the whole health care administration.

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