Orthopaedic extension device 19300

Especially suitable for treatments when high safe working load is needed


Orthopaedic extension device with high safe working load for Promerix and Practico operating tables for traction of the lower extremities. To be mounted to the foot end of the table.


  • Extension bars, 2 pieces
  • Support feet for extension bars, 2 pieces
  • Screw tensioners, 2 pieces
  • Traction boots (adults), 2 pieces
  • Pelvic support with pad, 1 piece
  • Perineal post with pad, 1 piece
  • Includes also leg plates 19348 for supporting legs during the anaesthesia before the final positioning
Length 820 mm
Height 1857 mm
Height adjustment 700 - 1160 mm
Safe working load (SWL) 225 kg
Weight 37.9 kg
Product Code 100019300