The Design from Finland mark awarded to Merivaara

8 November 2021

Intuitive design is the cornerstone of the Merivaara product development

The Design from Finland mark awarded to Merivaara.

Over the years, Merivaara has often received recognition for its design and quality. The most recent evidence of this is the Design from Finland mark awarded to Merivaara. The products and services using the mark are designed to be professional, user-friendly, and sustainable.

The Design from Finland mark awarded to Merivaara provides users in Finland and abroad with evidence of Finnish design excellence. Well-designed products and services are better to use, and users find them more desirable. The mark can be awarded to any product or service designed in Finland, provided that the company has demonstrably invested in Finnish design.

The CEO of Merivaara, Juha Taimisto: “Made in Finland and investing in intuitive design have served as the cornerstone of Merivaara from the very beginning. Therefore, now when Merivaara just turned 120 years, I am so pleased that the Association for Finnish Work awarded us the Design from Finland mark in recognition of the work that the founder of Merivaara, Juho Merivaara, already started 120 years ago. His motto: “All products leaving Merivaara’s factory must be of high quality,” is also our guiding line in the future when we use the Design from Finland mark in our products and solutions for years to come.”

About Merivaara

Today, the Merivaara Group is a forerunner in intuitive health technology and industrial design. It focuses on solutions that support operating room functions. Merivaara’s operating tables, surgical lights, OpenOR™ integration system, and services improve patient safety and increase the quality and efficiency of surgical operations in the world’s leading hospitals.

Throughout the history, Merivaara’s products and solutions have won several awards. In addition to the Design from Finland mark, the latest awards are the Red Dot Award and the Fennia Prize Grand Prix for the Q-Flow™ surgical light in 2017 and the Fennia Prize Honourable Mention for Smarter Practico™ operating table in 2020.

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