Merivaara’s Advanced Medical Lights Help to Speed up Post-Covid Medical Care

29 January 2024

Merivaara, a subsidiary of the Lojer Group, has added two new medical lights to its award-winning Q-Flow surgical light product family. The new lights are well-suited for use in various healthcare environments, from patient and procedure rooms to intensive care. Designed and manufactured in Finland, Merivaara’s medical lights are in high demand worldwide as medical professionals strive to shorten post-Covid waiting lists.

Image of Q-Flow 1 examination light and other Lojer Group products in patient room.

Merivaara’s Q-Flow 1 examination light and Q-Flow 2 minor surgical light are particularly suitable for treatment, examinations, and small operations outside the operating theatre. The new lights provide unparalleled lighting solutions to medical professionals globally. The research lights have outstanding colour rendering properties since they utilise the same technology as Merivaara’s larger surgical Q-Flow lights.

Q-Flow lights can easily be connected to stems optimised for different procedures, improving ergonomics for healthcare staff. Single-hand usability enhances patient safety by allowing users to keep one hand clean during treatment procedures.

“We discussed the needs and wishes of healthcare professionals during the design phase, so our new compact lights respond well to market needs. Intuitive usability combined with easy cleaning and maintenance are part of Merivaara’s design principles. We believe the new research lights can be truly valuable in the everyday medical work,” said Merivaara’s Product Development Director Jyrki Nieminen.

Image of Q-Flow 1 examination light and other Lojer Group products in intensive care unit.
Image of Q-Flow 2 surgical light and other Lojer Group products in minor surgery.

International demand rising strongly

The repercussions of Covid-19 are still apparent in the health sector worldwide, as a vast number of medical operations were cancelled or delayed because of the pandemic.

“We have noticed a rising trend in medical light orders as healthcare professionals strive to shorten medical procedure waiting lists. There is currently a huge demand for medical lights suitable for small operating theatres and other healthcare environments. The market has already been growing, and it seems that the demand for our products will still rise,” says Nieminen.

Merivaara exports medical lights to more than 60 countries. It has a strong position in the UK, Finland, and Sweden, but the rest of Europe and the Arab nations have also increased their importance as markets.

“Our retail network is set up for success. A significant part of the 600–700 examination lights that will be produced in 2024 have already been pre-sold. In 2025, we may produce over 1,000 lights in total,” Nieminen estimates.

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