Elective orthopedic surgeries

Smarter Practico for elective orthopedics is the flexible solution for any operating room performing elective orthopedic surgical procedures. Thanks to its extensive height adjustment range, Smarter Practico is the ergonomic solution for the OR.

Hip surgery

    The adaptable heights improve ergonomics for short and tall personnel whether standing or sitting.

    Image of Orthopaedic extension device 19300 with the patient.

    Lower extremities

      Together with orthopedic extension solutions, Smarter Practico fufills the demands of today’s OR.

      Knee surgery

        The Max Hi Smarter Practico is ergonomically designed for tall personnel. The fluent base is designed to allow for non-obstructive and closer access to the surgical field.


        • Hip surgery
        • Knee surgery
        • Foot and ankle surgery
        • Hand surgery
        • Femur / tibia surgery
        • Elbow / humerus surgery

        Special accessories